Friday, August 08, 2003

VELCOME TO MY NEW SHTETL ~ http://yentala.typepad.com/ Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls. Now get your tokhes over there. Now!


911 CALL DE DAWK-TEH I'm vorried about Hobby Whore, she emailed that she is laughing her toches off!! I told her it vosn't good, her pupik vould get lonely! Kerstala, vhot do you think? Oy, you could die from such a comment!! PS. Ms Hobby Whore, i hope you are using protection!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

WARNING: THIS BLOG CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE & SEXUAL SITUATIONS* AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR PUBLIC VIEWING Nu, did you notice my new K'neppel? Thank you Cynthia for my new k'neppel. A girl can't have too many k'neppels now can they?? Oye like the Wendala who has lots of k'neppels! Hey, does anyone else besides the cyber-yenta have to go to the Wendala's blog in order to find their own blog? *We should be so lucky! BINGE KNITTING Nu? Could you smell the cigarette smoke? Bubbelahs, let me tell you, TEN hours of uninterrupted you know what..... Oye, I am feeling a little Farklempt, go, blog amongst yourselves! BINGE BUYING Returned saturday's binge purchases for the NEW BIG KUREYON IN #9 for the felted bag from Booga J's website. YINGLISH LESSONS Yinglish, you know like Spanglish, those "furrin" words that have become common in English. Here are some Yinglish terms: 1. Mishmash- a mess, hodgepodge, that yarn picture on W.'s blog this week. 2. Shmooze - a friendly chat. BLOGGERS ARE SHMOOZERS 3. Shmo- a jerk. Someone who asks us what we are cross stitching! 4. Icky- something gooey or over-sweet like this week's RECIPE. 5. Shlep - JUST HOW BIG IS THAT KNITTING BAG YOU ARE SHLEPPING AROUND? 6. Shmuck- a dick 7. Putz - another word for dick 8. Petzele - when you really want to insult someone- little dick YIDDISH LESSON K'neppel- button Farklempt - go watch SNL reruns! SPECIAL FOR KNITDAD Tumel -confusion, noise, uproar Farmisht- emotionally befuddled Okay, Bubbelahs, SHMOOZE it up!!!

FARMUTSHET & FARKUCHT Hey, you would feel tired and sh*tty too if you just finished your second trimester on the hottest day of the year (103degrees). NO,not pregnancy trimester. grad school trimester, bubbeleh, I am almost 47! I don't know if that is too old for being pregnant or being in college again. GOTTENIU, just not both at the same time. Spit three times over your shoulders.... do it!! Not too worry, the dog's been neutered as I like to say. BINGE BUYING Today I AM REBORN, as knitter that is. I am going to celebrate by "$pending" the day at HILL COUNTRY WEAVERS for the all day FIRST THURSDAY YARN ORGY(english word). Shall I pick something up for you? BINGE KNITTING Okay, so I cheated. I now have a completed pair of Regia 6FADIG socks, but I can't prove it to you yet with pics because blogger is still "retooling". YIDDISH LESSON FARMUSHET - tired, exhausted FARKUCKT - sh*tty See Wendala's and Lucy's blog and comment section for more vocabulary. See if you can translate yet.Tomorrow's topic YINGLISH:the yiddish you already knew without knowing it. Nu, pay attention!! and why haven't you said a hello yet???

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

HEAT INDEX ALERT - NAKED KNITTING ADVISED 1. Stay indoors and knit in air conditioned places. 2. If your home is not air conditioned, take knitting to closest or all LYS. 3. Wear loose fitting, lightweight, or NO clothing while knitting. 4. NEVER, NEVER, leave your knitting in a closed parked vehicle. 5. Frequently check on wool and mentally ill knitters. 6. If outdoors knit in shaded areas. 7. Knit in swimming pool whenever possible. 8. KEEP HYDRATED, Drink lots of your favorite adult beverages while knitting. FAVORITE ONLINE SOCK PATTERN Go to Google and type "Drunken Master Sock Pattern" for some reason I cannot link to it directly. SOCK PATTERNS FOR POOL KNITTING Lisa Parker YIDDISH LESSON Mecheich pronounced me-chai-eh- delicious, pleasure, pure joy Upon entering the pool in the summer heat Oma would say" Oye, such a mecheich!". Vhat, you want I should be lonely?

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

MIDNIGHT SNACK Still no pics so I am offering up my favorite summer recipe to keep you interested. NO KA OYE! means the best in Hawaiin (I changed it from OI to OYE, alright?) 3/4 c sugar 1/2 c whipping cream 1/4 c light corn syrup 2 T butter 5 large Heath or Skor bars, FROZEN 2 pints fresh strawberries garnish: sour cream (do not leave this part off!!!) Combine first 4 ingredients in a saucepan. bring to a boil and boil about 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Chop frozen bars into small pieces and stir into mixture. Cool slightly. For each serving, place strawberries into dessert bowl, top with warm mixture and garnish with the sour cream. Leftover topping (yah right) can be refrigerated and then reheated and thinned with cream. Now don't be such a Chazzer!! If you like, I make for you my brisket recipe next. No more Futzing around now, I have got to go study! And you have Sunday's vocabulary words to define, Farshtaist?? YIDDISH LESSON Chazzer - pig Futzing - wasting time Farshtaist - understand, comprendo???? Bobbehmeisseh - old wive's tales, bullsh*t Tsuris - troubles VHAT? YOU DON"T LOFF ME ANYMORE?????

Monday, August 04, 2003

WASHINGTON D.C. AREA BRACES FOR KITTY RAVE IN LATE SEPTEMBER George W. leaves D.C. for the safety of his Crawford ranch in preparation for this September's Kitty Rave. Contact Wendy( our very own Don King ) for "directions" and "tickets". So, it sounds like Kerstin got a little Shikker while celebrating her anniversary and her felted bag paid the ultimate price. Still cute, go check it out! BINGE KNITTING NADA (spanish word for nothing, goose egg, zero) and still no pics, thanks alot Blogger! This is finals week folks! Thank you tech maiven, Michaela for all of your help!! YIDDISH LESSON Shikker- drunk ( you know, bombed, snookered, sh*t faced) Maiven- an expert Faigeleh- a little bird, fairy, gay From yesterday's comment section from Rob"Your loving faigeleh" Nu? You stopped by again and didn't make a hello? Debala

Sunday, August 03, 2003

101,101,101,101,102,102 My last 6 weeks at weightwatchers,yah right! How about the predicted highs for the next week here in the Lone Star State! So what is usually a Stitch N Bitch turns quickly into a Stitch N Shvitz. I saw lots of socks and tank tops being worked on. Three sets of regias, a Koigu combination, one shapely tank top and the camisole from the front of summer 2003 knits. Does your knitting change during the summer? Cotton knitting is not my favorite because COTTON SHOWS ALL OF YOUR SINS. Being kind of zaftig, I need clingier (sp?) tops or I look like I'm wearing a mu-mu (not yiddish just in case you were wondering). BINGE KNITTING I am at the toe for my Regia sock. My startitis" may be getting ready to flare up especially with my last final being Wednesday night and the Humongous yarn sale scheduled for First Thursday at Hill County Weavers. BINGE BUYING Well what do you think? Of course! Vogue's Weekend Knitting Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - 8 yummy colors to make "baby blanket' for the 18 year old baby going to college this year. She is going to freeze her Tokhes off waiting for the T!! YIDDISH LESSON SHVITZ-to take a sauna bath, to sweat, glow, perspire TOKHES-tush, butt, (bum for you Boston folks!) WEEKLY REVIEW Zaftig Kvell Potchke Shmooze Shvitz Tokhes EXTRA CREDIT(from your comments and other places) Ongepotchket Shtik Oye Shanda I will post your definitions of these, make 'um juicy so they are easier to remember! Nu? You stopped by and didn't say a hello? xoxodebala

Saturday, August 02, 2003

BABY BLOG SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AT 9 DAYS good morning, children of the blog! Well, we made it through our first week. Not having had a blog before, didn't know what to expect and we are starting to get used to each other. First of all, thanks to all who sent e-congratulations on the new addition. We have had a nice stream of visitors to see "the baby", but sorry folks, still no pics. I must admit, I am a little tired from checking on it every 5 minutes, but like I mentioned above, she is sleeping through the night!! I will just have to learn to nap when she does!! Thanks to my blog nannies Jillian and Amy! KNITTING BINGE Still sneaking around working on my regia sock. It is the 6 fadig and I really like the way it looks. It is the purple, navy, olive, baby blue assymetrical stripes. I think I like it a lot better than the skinny stuff (4 fadig).Promise pics when Blogger lets me in. YIDDISH LESSON SHMOOZE - rhymes with ooze to have a warm heart to heart talk with a buddy;friendly, gossipy, casual conversation On Saturday afternoons you will find me at Hill Country Weavers knitting and shmoozing with "my people". Carpe Knitting! xo the debster

Friday, August 01, 2003

CROCHETING AKA HOOKING Okay, so Amy, Jillian, Carla and Lynn are going to a hooking workshop this weekend. What if it's contageous and we check out our favorite blogs Monday morning and find this??????? The HookingFrau Alternative Hooking When Hooking was a manly art Will Hook for food And she hooks too Wendyhooks (oye what a shanda!!!) Hooking maniac Nak-id Hooks Far from the Hooking crowd Hooking log The Hooking Evengalist Queer Joes Hooking Blog Have fun hooking ladies!! xoxodeb

RETAIL THERAPY Therapy for the economy is more like it. Allyson and I will be going on our inaugural shopping trip to get ready for college. Milton will probably need the therapy in mid-september when the credit card bills arrive. Stand by with the crash cart and epinephrine!! CLEAR!!!! BINGE KNITTING Shhhhhhhhhhhh....... I actually knitted a little during my human development class last night. Worked the the regia socks. Using my favorite shortie Bryspuns instead of magic loop this time. I actually like both and the bryspuns are so sweet with those tapered tips. Don't have to potchke with those longer dp's. YIDDISH LESSON POTCHKE- pronounced potch-key To fuss or mess around, waste time, spend time aimlessly I love to potchke around every saturday, knitting and noshing with "my people" (fiber folks) at my LYS.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

TRIBUTE TO OMA I miss hearing those loose fitting dentures clicking and being told to "make the light" (turn on the light).Oma was my grandmother, Bertha Bendorf, and today is the 18th anniversary of her death. Oma taught me to sew,needlepoint,and yes, knit and I have engaged in one of these three activities consistently for 28 years now. At the time and even as a young adult, of course I did not realize what a wonderful gift she had given me. Oma was a strong and energetic woman who made her bed as soon as she popped out of it in the morning and took 20 minute power naps every afternoon at 4:00 pm to recharge her battery. As a young mother in her twenties, she and my Opa fled Nazi Germany with their 2 year old daughter after Hitler confiscated their home-grown family grocery store. Can you imagine being on a trans-atlantic trip in a boat with a two-year old and running for your life? I have their passports with the stamp of the Third Reich and swastika on it. I trace my finger over it and shudder. Not all of our family like others was able to get out.They came to this country and started all over. She was widowed at 48 years old but went on to start her own business and began traveling the world. We would always dread those slide shows when she came back. I can still hear the collective family groans. For 8 years I basked in the glow of being the first and only grandchild and she was that adult in my life that made me feel like I was special. Thanks Oma and thank you for sharing your love of handwork, baking, entertaining and love of life! BINGE KNITTING Snuck some knitting in waiting for class to start.Casted on for the Dhali Lamb using Henry's attic boucle and swatched for some Regia socks( Fran, 4 Fadig) Still can't upgrade for pics. YIDDISH LESSON Kvell- from German quellen meaning to gush or swell. Grandmother's kvell (beam with pride and pleasure) when their grandaughter's knitting and sewing looks as good on the wrong side as the right side!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

here is a picture of Zaftig!

Oye, such tumult over on Wendy's blog today. Sibling rivalry about whose blog is on the "honor roll". I don't even know how to add a link yet but thankfully Jillian put Amy on my list along with herself so those two should get along at the crochet fest this weekend. A word about crochet. I am probably a little biased by the trauma of seeing my OB use something resembling a giant crochet hook to induce my last labor, but I will tell you that in 25 years of taking care of people's hands, I cannot remember one knitter that I treated for knit related cumulative trauma. On the other hand (ha ha ha), I would see crochet folks often enough that I can remember them having lots of thumb arthritis and Carpal tunnel. Knitters do need to be careful too and shoulders seem to be an issue for us as well. My digital camera is here but I cannot update my blog for pics yet. I have a pic of Lucy after her douche monday. The results: did not work, but then Milton bought Summer's Eve instead of Massingil (probably the cheapest). Blog topics So, now that my blog is 6 days old, I am thinking about what to write about in addition to the knitting content. In OT school we were taught never to discuss sex,politics, or religion with our patients. But hey, this is a blog. Are there some taboo subjects? I mean at knitting we talk about everything, and I mean everything. My daughters (even their friends) love when the knit sistas come over so they can hear the juicy stuff. Looking for some good books to read while on break!!! Soliciting titles, sex, scum, mystery, non-fiction..... it's all good. Send me some ideas! BINGE KNITTING Can't touch the needles yet. Still on restriction. YIDDISH LESSON I love this language (all 10 words that I know). It is so expressive. I think my favorite one is: ZAFTIG -zoff-tig means, plump, buxom, well rounded like we maturing girls can be. Sometimes it means juicy. It makes me think of a soft, warm hug from a loving great aunt. Leo Rosen gives this definition: Zaftig describes in one word what it takes two hands, outlining an hourglass figure,to do.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Self-imposed blogger's 'time out' or would that be 'blogger's house arrest'? And for that matter, no knitting either. Snuck in a little binge-knitting last night. Made a cute eyeglass case out of left-over 5point Colinette. To felt or not to felt is the question. No posting or blog surfing until ethics paper is finito!

Monday, July 28, 2003

Still trying to get my blood caffeine titer to functioning levels this morning. May need one more cup. I think I might need to go to blogging school or continuing ed. as I am not real sure what I am doing here. A digital camera is "in the mail" as they say. I happen to enjoy blogs with pictures so in an effort to make mine enjoyable.....Office Max had a sale on cameras yesterday! BINGE KNITTING REPORT Played hooky for most of the weekend from schoolwork and housework(what else is new?) and went to LYS Saturday and Sunday to be with "my people". In my "pre-finals need to knit something fast state of mind" I whipped up a cute little drawstring bag out of Colinette 5 point with an idiot cord strap. Thank you Latifa for helping me with the cool drawstring using the Waldorf school technique of twisting. BINGE BUYING REPORT AKA CONFESSIONAL 2 yummy skeins of Mountain Colors boucle in Cherry Hill A Hank of natural boucle from Henry's attic to make the "Dhali Lamb" from the one skein wonder contest at Hill Country Weavers. Lucille Bernadette AKA Lucy the coonhound made friends with a skunk last week. We tried Dawn and Dog Shampoo but there is still some residual around the snout.... So today Lucy will have her first Massengil Douche. Some say tomato juice, some say Dr. Bronners Soap, Some say douche. Will update on this fascinating topic next time. Hello to the four people that know about this blog!!! Jillian, we miss you! Latifa, feel better today! Fran, check your email for the pattern I sent! Amy, "my people" would love you, wish you lived closer fairy blogmother! PS. I might need a ghost knitter and ghost blogger, taking applications!

Friday, July 25, 2003

I"VE BEEN BLOGGED After much e-lurking about and vicariously living through Jillian's, Amy's, pioneer woman's, Wendy's and everyone else's blog who pops up after tapping "next", my fairy "Blogmother" Amy, has just orchestrated an online "knitting intervention" and granted me a blog of my own. Jillian, help, what do I do now????? is there "group" for new bloggers????? What if Mrs. Kraft, my senior english teacher sees this???? thank you fairy blogmother!! What do you think? The Knitting Evangelist or something with Zaftig in it??

see? it's not so bad, is it? all you have to do is type the little window. come join us, deb. we know you want to.

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